Claims Tracking


Claims Tracking Through Advanced Analytics and Revenue Cycle Management


Tracking claims is faster and more complete with the advancement in technology.  Our systems are driven by solution focused, proactive data processing that has decreased wait time improving accuracy and efficiency.  Our customized solutions are designed to be flexible, fitting into your workflow and providing simplified processing of VOB’s, submitting claims, tracking, reporting and claim payments.



  • Eligibility and benefits verification

  • Benefits, deductibles, co-pays and limits are available in moments

  • Access claims data quickly in a HIPAA compliant environment

  • Powerful, multi-level scrubbing capabilities for clean claim transmissions



  • Increased treatment provider focus on the client needs

  • Improved revenue flow and efficiency

  • Dynamic claims tracking and reporting to reduce confusion and questions

  • Easy access in a HIPAA compliant environment

  • Significant time-savings

  • Accelerated payment processing

  • Single point of contact for customer service satisfaction

Claims Reporting


Service is what sets Illuminate apart from the rest.  We don’t stop with the latest technological advancements in software and analytics.  We offer more with single point contact that improves customer service and satisfaction.  We continue to look for improved communication formats for sharing data with our treatment providers instilling confidence in Illuminate’s work ethic and dedication to our providers.


  • Accelerated generation of individual claims, professionally prepared, accurately coded and electronically submitted medical information.

  • Detailed information on patient responsibilities, pre-authorization, and policy exclusions

  • Multi-level verification of benefits for accuracy

  • Consistent tracking and reporting of all claims

  • Prompt posting of payments

  • Analysis of patient information

  • Single point of contact for customer service satisfaction

  • Customized monthly reporting of business activity and productivity

  • Analysis and best practice consultations

  • Follow claims through primary, secondary and tertiary levels

  • Detailed documentation supports an effective appeals process

  • Multi-layer scrubbing process for consistent clean claim transmissions

  • Regular client notes to assist clinicians and track claims progress


HIPAA Compliance

Verification and eligibility require transmission of sensitive protected health information (PHI).  We understand and follow up-to-date HIPAA policies supported by regular risk management assessments to assure the security of protected information.  At the same time we work hard to improve the ease and effectiveness of communicating PHI and financial information to our treatment providers.


Managed Care Negotiations

Illuminate Billing Advocates has identified a process that facilitates effective claims follow-up and appeals processing for the highest level of reimbursement rates available.  Our process includes detailed documentation from beginning to end.  The utilization of legal representation when needed.  Consistent follow-through and follow-up.  Our unique relationship with insurance payers does not typically require this level of aggressiveness as we aim for a collaborative environment.  


Cutting Edge Technology

Illuminate Billing Advocates use advanced software and technology that promote clean claims through multi-level scrubbing, electronic transmission of claims for accelerated payment and provide real-time tracking and reporting.  This has proven to be a huge asset to our treatment providers in improved communication, more efficient revenue flow and transparency.  These time-saving technologies allow the focus to stay on treatment and recovery.

Payment Posting


Sustaining essential revenue flow with a wide range of approval and reporting requirements and a vast number insurance payors, continues to create challenges in the treatment industry. This requires a very sophisticated management and accounting system to meet the reporting needs and performance requirements of each treatment facility.  It is important for treatment facilities to reach out for support and assistance in negotiating this challenging financial domain. Administrators must be knowledgeable about efficient business practices, use data-based performance measures and incorporate financial and clinical reporting.  Illuminate Billing Advocates track and report claims as they are processed, generate aging reports and financial documentation.  We believe this is one of the most important aspects to address with our treatment partners. We feature an At-A-Glance resource that provides all essential documentation both from a financial and clinical perspective.

Claim Submission


Illuminate Billing Advocates use current advanced electronic billing software with advanced technology that decreases wait time improving accuracy and efficiency.  Illuminate Billing Advocates are efficient, effective, and professional with the ability to accelerate claims to payment resulting in quicker turnaround time and help payments and revenue generation. We are able to track the claims process at every point of its life cycle.  This allows us to follow the claim processed and address any issues, allowing for a steady stream of revenue as well as communicating with our clients the entire way through.  We are confident that we can reduce or eliminate claim denials and rejections with our practices.  We run our claims through an additional claim scrubbing process to reduce and eliminate rejected or denied claims, which can cause up to 90 percent of missed revenue opportunities.  Illuminate Billing Advocates address denied and rejected claims in a timely manner to ensure best payment and revenue generation.


Illuminate Billing Advocates pride ourselves in communication keeping an open line between us and our clients.  We will keep our clients informed of the claims continuously and generate reports weekly to keep our clients current on their claims statuses.  Our specialists are always willing to help with any concerns or questions that might arise and are always willing to adjust procedures to best benefit your business.  Our customized solutions are designed to be flexible, fitting into your workflow and providing simplified claim processing. 

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