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085 - Megan Cohen

“My life is beautiful. The way I feel inside is beautiful.” We connected with Megan Cohen today to talk about her work in hope and healing with the Grace Project in the homeless community of Philadelphia. In her own story of addiction, she was a runner, and managed to get through the doors at 71 different treatment centers across the country. She could get through detox, but couldn’t handle digging into emotional issues. She now says, “It wasn’t hard. It was just uncomfortable.” Enjoy.

The Illuminate Recovery Podcast is about #MentalHealth, #MentalIllness, and #AddictionRecovery. Shining light on ways to cope, manage, and inspire. Beyond the self care we discuss, you may need the help of a licensed professional. Curt Neider and Shelley Mangum are a part of Illuminate Billing Advocates ( They are committed to helping better the industry and adding value to the lives of listeners by sharing tools, insights, and success stories of those who are working on their mental health. #illuminaterecoverypodcast

Transcript (no grammar):

Coming soon!

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