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086 - Joe Difabio

Joe Difabio joins us to talk about hitting rock bottom. He talks about the myriad of reasons why we start down the road of addiction, the decisions that many end up making in order to feed it, and getting to the point where he voluntarily turned himself in to jail. He talks about the emotional and communication skills learned in treatment and how they have translated into marriage and parenting. At Atlanta Detox, (Amatus Recovery Centers) they help individuals find the treatment that works for them, including therapy at all levels of care including using technology like Genesight to help determine which and whether medications can be useful. Enjoy.

The Illuminate Recovery Podcast is about #MentalHealth, #MentalIllness, and #AddictionRecovery. Shining light on ways to cope, manage, and inspire. Beyond the self care we discuss, you may need the help of a licensed professional. Curt Neider and Shelley Mangum are a part of Illuminate Billing Advocates ( They are committed to helping better the industry and adding value to the lives of listeners by sharing tools, insights, and success stories of those who are working on their mental health. #illuminaterecoverypodcast

Transcript (no grammar):

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