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118 - Mark Richards

“Let’s don’t go look at other facilities. Let’s do it our way.” Mark Richards joins us to tell the story of the opening of WASATCH RECOVERY TREATMENT CENTER LLC and intentionally not getting stuck in industry ruts. He talks about being unaware of his brothers' fight with addiction and his own personal experience detoxing after 16 days in an ICU after a brain aneurism. He says that from the beginning, they wanted to provide love and hope, help people deal with their issues instead of just teaching them about addiction, and help people find their voice. One important question that they focus on is, "What's driving the addiction?" Enjoy.

The Illuminate Recovery Podcast is about #MentalHealth, #MentalIllness, and #AddictionRecovery. Shining light on ways to cope, manage, and inspire. Beyond the self care we discuss, you may need the help of a licensed professional. Curt Neider and Shelley Mangum are a part of Illuminate Billing Advocates ( They are committed to helping better the industry and adding value to the lives of listeners by sharing tools, insights, and success stories of those who are working on their mental health. #illuminaterecoverypodcast

Transcript (no grammar):

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