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Are you a cog in your billing company's wheel?

Many larger billing companies put you in a queue.

If you have billing that needs to get done, your billing goes into a queue and the billers just work down that queue. It's a very efficient way to bill - for the billing company. It's a very profitable way to bill - for the billing company.

Could we bill using this process? Yes.

Do we use this process? No.

We think it's more important for our clients to have a dedicated biller and a dedicated UR Specialist to handle our clients' accounts. You have one direct contact for your billing needs and one direct contact for your UR needs. You're not calling into a call-center atmosphere. The billers know your patients and their cases.

We find this to be a better process for our clients. And we want to do what's right for our clients even if it means sacrificing some profit. Because it's the right thing to do.

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