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Your in-house biller is doing too many things wrong!

When we see practices billing in house, they usually have one, maybe two people who handle all aspects of billing: verifications, authorizations, appeals, billing, collections, etc..

The reality is, all these tasks require totally different skill sets.

Think about having your accountant try to do sales or your sales person try to be an accountant.

Could it work? Maybe if you found the right person. But most of the time, that would be a really bad idea.

If you've got the same person handling all these tasks, you're probably not optimizing each of these tasks. It's probably very inefficient for you, and you probably don't realize you're leaving money on the table.

We have separate departments that handle these responsibilities. The billers' skillsets and personalities are totally different from the utilization review team. They're each focused on the types of responsibilities they do best and get much better results than in-house billers.

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