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Illuminate Billing Advocates are driven towards growth and efficiency.  In an effort to partner with our treatment facilities we offer dynamic consulting assistance in effective marketing and business models, innovative technologies, revenue cycle management, medical billing, clinical training and Insurance provider relations.  We understand that your continued success and growth is vital to Illuminate.  We are passionate about supporting our partners.


Marketing and Business:  Illuminates team has a wealth of experience in the business and marketing fields.  We are able to offer valuable consultation on structure  workflow, internal communication strategies and data-driven tracking models.


Innovative Technologies:  The medical billing market is changing rapidly as new technologies are developed.  It is vital to growth, productivity and revenue that a facility engages the most advanced, cutting edge technologies available.  We understand this need and work with the industry's most advanced technology experts.


Revenue Cycle Management:  As technology advances so does the efficiency and speed at which revenue flows.  Illuminate Billing Advocates are focused on improving implementation systems, workflow, reimbursement rates and debt recovery systems.  We know what drives business and we want to help yours.


Medical Billing:  Illuminate Billing Advocates and assist with charting, admissions processes and documentations, form templates, level of care guidelines and criteria and much more.  Our team of billing experts stays on top of the rapidly changing medical field.  We are ready for ICD-10 changes and can provide training opportunities to reduce the challenge anticipated with this move.


Clinical Training:  We provide dynamic training for your clinical and non-clinical staff to negotiate documentation, coordinate of care, manage communication challenges program structure and more.


Insurance Provider Relations:  From verification of benefits to payment of claims, credentialing to network providers,  Illuminate can provide services that will bring growth and maturity to your business.

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