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Saving money...At what cost?

We've seen clients try to bring billing in-house to save money. We've also seen clients switch to other billing companies to save 1-2% on their fees.

It's really easy to look at those kinds of figures and say, "Look at the savings if we can bring billing in-house." Or "Look at the savings if we drop expenses by 1% of sales."

We get it. It looks great.

But if you saved a couple thousand dollars a month in expenses and your revenue drops by 20-30% (or more), then that definitely wasn't worth it, right?!?

We've worked with plenty of clients who took billing in house to save money and ended up in audits or payment reviews with the insurance companies. We've also had plenty of clients switch from us to another biller only to move back a few months later because their revenue dropped so significantly.

We've got plenty of clients that will tell you how good we are. If you're thinking of switching billers, talk to several of their clients before making the move. If you want to talk to ours about how good we are, contact us here.

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